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During the XIX century Amalfi and the good kitchen of "Zi Ninetta" (Miss Anna Proto) attracted a lot of travelers from all Europe.

At that time, when the coast was destination of the "Gran Tour", the Hotel "Riviera" was one of the preferred hotels of Tourists.

The large kitchen and the room restaurant with terrace on the sea occupied the main floor, and on the second floor there were just few rooms and only 2 bathrooms.

The property was Family Proto, that rented the Hotel "Riviera" to the family Gambardella and then to the family Lucibello.

One of the nieces of the owner, married the Lawyer Gargano Francesco that inherited the Hotel and changed the name in to Hotel "Marina Riviera".

When Francesco Gargano died, his son, Antonio Gargano (actual owner) inherited the Marina Riviera Hotel and in 1971 re-opened whit 16 rooms.

Since 1972 Antonio begun a careful restructuring of the building, with particular attention to the modernization and the comfort of the rooms.

Actually Antonio manage the hotel with his son Crescenzo Gargano.

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Hotel Marina Riviera

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